New venue for FSCONS 2013

22 Sep 2013

For those of you who have attended FSCONS in the past know that every edition have taken place at the IT University campus at Lindholmen which is located at the Hisingen island. This year however we are excited to report that FSCONS 2013 is going to take place at the Huministen building at near the city centre. Humanisten belongs to humanities department of Gothenburg University where the fine arts are studied, which makes it a good fit for FSCONS.

The Humanisten building

Humanisten is located in a beautiful environment surrounded by gardens, even though you might have a hard time notice any of the plants in November. It lies in the very centre of Gothenburg, within 10 minute walking distance of Korsvägen, a large junction and tram stop. This makes it very accessibly by public transportation on all hours of the day.

The Korsvägen juciton

We look forward to meeting you at Humanisten in November!