26 Oct 2012

One of the great features of FSCONS are the workshops that takes place on Friday one day before the regular presentations begins. As usual we will have several interesting workshops covering a wide range of topics. If you are in a playful mood consider to attend It's a child's game where Hedvig Kamp & Per Andersson will lead a session about free software for children.The workshop will begin with a presentation about the current state of free software for children, then its time to play with the software. Projekt Runberg is a volunteer driven effort with the aim of scanning and the publish digital copies of classic Nordic literature and make them available on the Internet. Scanning books for Project Runeberg  Wikisource and the Internet Archive will be a practical workshop about book digitization where Lars Aronsson (the projects founder) will give an overview of the production workflow and volunteer efforts. Moble devices that ship Android are not 100% free software but contains proprietary drivers for things like the microphone. Also most applications from the "market" including Google own are proprietary. FSFE have launched a campaign with the aim of help people regain full control of their devices. In FreeYourAndroid, Erik Alber from FSFE will help you to setup an alternative free (as in freedom) Android operating system. To be able to participate in this workshop and liberate your Android device you need to bring a Android device (obviously) and a PC. *There are are some important notes that you should you read before signing-up for this workshop. Want to learn the basics of programming? Then you should attend Intruduction to development for the others where Patrik Gustafsson  will teach you key concepts in programming including Sequence, Selection, Iteration, Method and Class. A PC is required for participating in this workshop   For information about the time for a workshop and links to the sign-up form visit the specific page for the workshop. The deadline for signing up to any workshop is October 28. All workshops takes place at Språkbanken.