Want to volonteer at FSCONS 2012?

15 Oct 2012

Needless to say FSCONS would not be possible if not for the volunteers that work during the conference. We need help with things like moving furniture, work in  the café, handle the wardrobe, staff the reception, run errands. Even though you are not getting paid, you are getting a bunch of other stuff:
  • Free entrance to the conference
  • One T-shirt
  • One  meal including one non-alcoholic drink every day you volunteer
To be a volunteer at FSCONS is not only fun it is also a great opportunity to get an insight on how to organize any event, meet awesome people and potentially making new friends. It can is also be a first step of becoming deeper involved in the organization of the conference. If you are interested in signing up as a volunteer please send a mail to volunteer@fscons.org and we will get in touch with you. For more information about the different positions you can visit the volunteer page on the FSCONS wiki.