FSCONS side-event: GothPyCon ][ schedule is up

27 Oct 2011

Saturday, October 29, 2011 GothPyCon ][is held at IT universitetet in Gothenburg. The schedule is now available * Start at 09.30 - Andrew Dalke, on Python's other built-in data structures (~45 min) - Geoff Bache on the impact of GUI changes on tests (~45 min) * coffee break (around 11.30) - Niklas Gustavsson, on Spotify's architecture (~45 min) * Lunch (around 12.30) - Armin Rigo on PyPy (~45 min) - Open discussion on "The tools you use" (~30 min) I'll have a set of topics about IDEs, testing, profiling, networking libraries, etc. and let people give feedback about the tools they use or want to use. * coffee break (around 15.00) - Open Space; let's do some coding! o Olof has offered to work with a group on programming with Sikuli o Feel free to present your own group idea and get others in on the fun. Ideas might be to try out pypy or get started with ZeroMQ.   Look at http://my.fscons.org/schedule/ for more events held around this year's FSCONS