Excerpt from the FSCONS 2011 schedule

06 Oct 2011

You haven't missed that our schedule for FSCONS 2011 is gradually filling up with excellent presentations and presenters, have you? Please note that we have not set the exact times for each session yet so some time slots will be changed later on. We have several tracks for this year's FSCONS. Here's an excerpt from the schedule for you, with a little something from different tracks:


Saturday: Richard Stallman Title coming soon...

Sunday: Christina Haralanova: Hackers for Social Justice

Human Rights and Digital Freedoms

kyrah: The revolution will not be televised... but it *will* be on YouTube. - New media and the Arab Spring.

Mathias Klang: Off the grid: Is anonymity possible?

Development for Embedded Systems

Jonas Bonn, Julius Baxter & Olof Kindgren: The OpenRISC Project

Jeremiah C. Foster: Embedded Free Software/Open Source in your car

Free Software in Politics

Daniel Melin: Free Software in the Swedish public sector

Matthias Kirschner: Non-free software advertisement presented by your government

Universal Design — Aiming for Accessibility

Håkan Lidbo & Magnus Frenning: Invisi-ball - A ball game for visually impaired

The Future of Money

Nikolay Georgiev: Open Source Ecology - the hardware foundation for modern civilization

Free Desktop Environments

Frederik Gladhorn: Accessibility for Qt and KDE

Building Together — Manufacturing Solidarity

Johan Söderberg: Reproducing machines, reproducing economic relations

Workshops during Friday

Information on the FSCONS workshops