Activities are on again after summer break!

16 Aug 2011

Yesterday we had our second post summer holidays FSCONS planning meeting. It feels really great that the planning and preparations are active again, as we slowly head towards 11-11-11... Also, it was great to see some new faces at the meeting, as well as some familiar faces from previous years. We still need more hands during the planning and, not the least, during the execution on the FSCONS week-end. This year we are really trying to better introduce and welcome new volunteers, as well as giving incentives for coming back as volunteer the years to come. We still need more work on this and we welcome any input on how to become stronger in this regard. We've decided on one of the keynote speakers, and work on the registration and schedule is ongoing. Keep an eye on for updates! Next planning meeting is set for Monday August 29, at 16.00 over at Gnutiken. Hope to see you there!