Organising events that suck: 1 - Arrange welcome receptions

23 May 2011

While working on FSCONS for the last four years, we've learned a lot about organising events. We've also learned what you should definitely avoid doing at all possible costs. This is the grand finale of a series of 10 ways to organise an event that suck!

1. Arrange welcome receptions

Photo: Beer glass reflection

Beer Glass Reflection by jonathanb1989 / CC BY.

No one really wants to attend the welcome receptions, but if you have it in the program, a lot of people will feel obliged to be there. No better way to get your event off the ground than to force people together for something they don't really want to be a part of! In the last days before the conference, we're usually about a month late with the preparations for FSCONS. Even if we DO have a welcome reception cum social event the day before the event, we barely have time to get the drinks into the fridge before the first guests arrive. That's our way of making sure that everyone feels welcome! Nothing feels more welcoming than a warm beer! Cheers!