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10 May 2011

[caption id="attachment_415" align="alignleft" width="200" caption="Help Wanted"]Photo - Help Wanted sign[/caption] The FFKP, FSCONS main organiser, is looking to expand by taking on new staff. We're opening up for two new internships for interested and talented individuals who would like to join our team. These positions may lead to a paid position in the society, but this is by no means guaranteed and depends on the suitability of the candidate, their work during the internship, and the ability to raise funds to cover a continued employment. The society will do their part to help in this work, and will offer a dynamic, high pace, and highly flexible work environment with dedicated colleagues. As an intern in the society, you'll have the ability to join and interact with our global network of people dedicated to free culture and free software and a chance to observe and learn from the work of a non-profit organisation, while working on both your own projects, as well as those that the society is already engaged in and on which you will assist the current coordinators. If you think you're the person we're looking for, we would welcome your application! More information about these two positions is available on





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