Organising events that suck: 3 - Make it a family affair

08 May 2011

While working on FSCONS for the last four years, we've learned a lot about organising events. We've also learned what you should definitely avoid doing at all possible costs. Watch this space to learn the 10 ways to organise an event that suck!

3. Make it a family affair

Photo: Family

Family by Pyrat Wesly / CC BY-NC.

The best way to kill any sort of event is to invite your family to it. Do you really want your kid sibling in the audience mocking you when you do your presentation? We tend to think of FSCONS as a family gathering. Not by blood, but bound together by the cause. We invite you to make the most of the space that we give you, and hope that you will come to see FSCONS, as we do, as a home away from home.