Organising events that suck: 5 - Make recordings of the event

26 Apr 2011

While working on FSCONS for the last four years, we've learned a lot about organising events. We've also learned what you should definitely avoid doing at all possible costs. Watch this space to learn the 10 ways to organise an event that suck!

5. Make recordings of the event

Picture of records

records by Michele Grabusnik / CC BY-NC-ND.

If you record the event, you can make sure that your event will suck because no one will come! Why would they, when they can watch the whole thing from the comfort of their own home? Okay, so we don't have the best track record with this. We don't do live streaming, primarily because we don't have anyone offering to do this. And we also suck at publishing videos in due time after the conference. We'd love to improve though, so get in touch if you want to help out :)