Organising events that suck: 9 - Offer space and opportunities for mingle

05 Apr 2011

While working on FSCONS for the last four years, we've learned a lot about organising events. We've also learned what you should definitely avoid doing at all possible costs. Watch this space to learn the 10 ways to organise an event that suck!

9. Offer space and opportunities to mingle

Photo of large spacious room

Open Space by JISC Infonet / CC BY-NC-CD.

Nothing can be as terrifying as having to talk to others, and you would definitely want to avoid this in whatever way you can: avoid mingles, reduce the space, and for all that matters make sure that there's Wifi! At FSCONS, we do provide Wifi so that you don't need to talk to others, even if we also offer plenty of space, both in time and geography, to do just that.