Organising events that suck: 10 - Give the participants free tea & coffee

31 Mar 2011

While working on FSCONS for the last four years, we've learned a lot about organising events. We've also learned what you should definitely avoid doing at all possible costs. Watch this space to learn the 10 ways to organise an event that suck!

10. Give the participants free tea & coffee

Photo of mug with coffee beans

Coffee by Kessop / CC BY-NC-CD.

It will make everyone overdose, causing restlessness, nervousness, insomnia, excitement and a rambling flow of thought and speech. Definitely worth avoiding if you want to keep your event flowing smoothly. At FSCONS, free coffee & tea flow smoothly from the coffee pots. We've made this mistake four years in a row, and we're due to repeat it again come November. We trust you to regulate your own intake, and if you're a frequent refiller, we ask that you help out in the actual brewing process during the conference!