The Ada Initiative Census on of women in the open technology and culture community

10 Mar 2011

Here's an initiative FSCONS likes: The Ada Initiative is a newly-formed organisation which aims to support and promote women in open technology and culture. They’ve just launched their first annual census — a broad survey of open technology and culture participants — to find out more about what projects and communities people are involved in, and how they feel about women’s inclusion and representation in the field. The Ada Initiative uses the term “open technology and culture” to refer to a wide range of activities and communities based around free/open licenses, and other forms of open, decentralised, and grassroots participation in technology and related fields. This includes: Open source/free software Open source hardware Open geodata and maps Open government Open data Open standards and formats Open educational initiatives (open access journals, open source curricula, etc) Open/decentralised social networking (including Diaspora, StatusNet, etc) Creative Commons and free culture Wikipedia and other wikis Open crisis response and humanitarian projects Barcamps and unconferences Online/digital activism Remix/mashup culture Transformative works fandom, including fan fiction, fan art, and fan vidding Maker/DIY community Hacker spaces Coworking If you’re involved in any of the above areas, TIA would like to get to know who you are, what you’re working on, and your thoughts on how women are doing in your community. TIA welcomes participation by people of any gender, although TIA is particularly interested in women’s responses. The survey only takes about five minutes, and can be found at Take the Ada Initiative Census In related news, FSCONS has started the work with the 2011 planning Shaping team. As always, we are open to your participation!