New site for 2011, re-cap of posts regarding FSCONS 2011

10 Mar 2011

As you might have noticed (or notice reading this), we have put in place a new site for FSCONS 2011. The scheme we are using is to let every FSCONS summit have its site according to this URL pattern:, where YYYY is the year for the conference (thus preserving old conference sites) and let redirect to the current year conference.

Due to this change, the posts on FSCONS 2010 site regarding post-conference wrap-up and the planning for this year's summit 2011, might seem out of place.

So here's a re-cap on the 2011 related posts from the 2010 site (in reverse chronological order, newest first):

Other links of interest: FSCONS 2011 planning, get involved and help us out! | FSCONS Manifest | FSCONS Anti-harassment policy. Date for this year's summit is 11:11:11.

//FSCONS core team