Back ported old posts from the old FSCONS web sites

10 Mar 2011

As you probably noticed, we reproduced the old posts from the FSCONS sites from 2008 and 2010 (the one from 2009 didn't have blog-like posts) and put them into the following categories: FSCONS 2008 and FSCONS 2010 As you also might have noticed, we haven't ported all the images etc into this blog yet, but are working on it. We also discovered that many links from the old FSCONS sites from previous years have broken (and so has many of the images belonging to older posts). This is due to some technical circumstances (tm) and the nature of our drupal setup. Hosting many sites on the same drupal instance sometimes can be a challenge. At least to the uninitialized. We are working on that one too ;-) We'll probably move all updates here from the first page of FSCONS 2011 site too, to clear up space on the 2011 front page. Regards FSCONS staff