Volunteer for FSCONS

15 Oct 2010

We're now looking for volunteers to staff this years FSCONS during the conference days. The volunteers at the conference help out in the information desks, preparing for talks, arranging furniture, organising lunches, dinners, and so on. What we can offer is access to the conference during the time when you're not working as a volunteer, access to the mingle events, lunch during both days and dinner on Saturday as well as a very stylish FSCONS 2010 Staff t-shirt. What we're looking for from you is a commitment to help out during the conference days (Friday to Sunday) with at least four hours per day. You will have some choice in when to help out and we're reasonably flexible about the scheduling, but you should count a total of twelve hours. If you're interested in helping out during FSCONS 2010, please send an email with your name to info@fscons.org, and we will get back to you with a schedule where you can see which hours would fit you best. Original post: http://fscons.org/2010/news/volunteer-fscons