FSCONS themes and CfP

21 Jun 2010

FSCONS is organised around a number of central themes. One of the later additions to the themes this year is Extensions, coordinated by Stian Rødven Eide. He explains the extensions theme thus: "From knowledge and art to farming, economics and politics, the ideas of Free Software have inspired many to rethink and improve the common basics for society. This theme explores the plentiful and wonderful forks of the Free Software Philosophy, and their implications for human life." While not available yet on the FSCONS web site, the Extensions theme is being planned at the FSCONS wiki. Remember also that it's now nine days left to fill out the Call for Participation. If you have an idea about something you'd like to present at FSCONS, we encourage you to fill out that form to let us know! Original post: http://fscons.org/2010/news/fscons-themes-and-cfp