Can't wait for FSCONS?

10 Jun 2010

Neither can we! We're excited to announce the establishment of the FSCONS Participation Grant. The grant program is made possible by the Nordic Cultural Fund and aims to increase the Nordic aspects of the conference by allowing some individuals from countries where FSCONS is not organised to attend the conference at a subsidised rate. Through the grant program, we will make it possible for around 20 persons to attend FSCONS from Iceland, Finland, Norway and Denmark. The grant will cover registration costs and accommodation for the grant recipients. Eligible to receive the grant are individuals from the previously mentioned countries with an active interest in FSCONS. Preference will be given to those who can spread awareness of FSCONS topics in their local communities, and who can contribute to the FSCONS program in positive ways. We will start receiving applications for the FSCONS Participation Grants through the FSCONS web site within the next month. Applications will be evaluated by an expert panel consisting of: Anne Østergaard, Thomas Gramstad, Otto Kekäläinen and Smári McCarthy. Original post: