RepRap at FSCONS

27 May 2010

We have a RepRap coming to FSCONS this year! A RepRap is a "low cost open source rapid prototyping system that is capable of producing its own parts and can therefore be replicated easily" (RepRap) -- essentially, a 3D printer that can build its own parts. [caption id="" align="alignright" width="640" caption="RepRap - Creative Commons Non-Commercial Share-Alike"]Photo of a RepRap 3D printer[/caption]Erik de Bruijn from the RepRap team is coming up to Gothenburg from the Netherlands to talk about the RepRap and showcase it during the conference. The RepRap will be part of the "Makers of the Future" theme, and represents the idea of that theme perfectly. The theme will focus on the current mode of production in society today, the issues, and how people come together to innovate and change both the physical and virtual world around them. The picture is of Erik de Bruijn's RepRap and licensed under Creative Commons Non-Commercial Share-Alike. More pictures of Erik and the RepRap can be found in his public Picasa album. Original post: