Looking for sponsors

11 May 2010

With FSCONS less than 180 days away, we're calling on companies and other organisations with an interest in FSCONS to sponsor the conference. As a sponsor, you would join the ranks of Google, Mozilla Europe, Nokia, Rejås Datakonsult, the Nordic Cultural Fund, who sponsored the conference in 2009, as well as several other sponsors in 2007 and 2008. FSCONS can offer an enthusiastic and dynamic crowd of participants, many of whom are working in new media industry, with software development and free and open source software. Themes at FSCONS 2010 include among others, Embedded Systems, Infrastructure Monitoring and Internet Infrastructure. As a sponsor, you can decide to sponsor FSCONS generally, or specifically one or more of the themes which you find interesting. Sponsorships are at negotiable rates, depending on what kind of visibility is negotiated. Please get in touch with us at info@fscons.org if you're interested in sponsoring the conference. Original post: http://fscons.org/2010/news/looking-sponsors