Accommodation and progress

10 May 2010

Last week was rather hectic here at FSCONS. If you want to keep track, minute by minute, as to what's happening, I recommend that you check out the FSCONS wiki and add the RSS feed for "Recent changes" to your favorite reader. Something we've always been asked questions about, informally and formally, before every FSCONS is accommodation. Where to sleep in Gothenburg, and is there any FSCONS deals? For 2010, I've taken the opportunity already now to reserve places in some hotels and hostels for FSCONS visitors staying here during the conference. You'll be able to book your place as part of the registration process and can choose between (at least) two hotels and two hostels. The deals are rather reasonable, but they are not the lowest: in the case of one hostel, you could probably get it cheaper if you book yourself, but the FSCONS rate includes breakfast which would otherwise be extra, and you're guaranteed a place in the same room as other FSCONS participants. We'll also clear out most of our 2007-2009 T-shirts as part of the registration. They're taking space, which we would rather have for other things. So when you sign up for FSCONS 2010, you can also the T-shirt from your favorite year to the registration for a very good price. We have a very limited amount of 2007 t-shirts, and a few more 2008 and 2009. So if you're quick when we open the registration and snatch a 2007 t-shirt, you can easily pretend that you have been at every FSCONS there ever was! :-) Expect to hear more in the weeks to come. A little bird tells me that most of the tracks are starting to come together, but there will be formal request for participation out in the next couple of hours. (It's actually already there since a few days, but don't tell anyone, it's still a secret!) Original post: