Makers coming together

05 May 2010

The Makers of the Future theme is coming along nicely for FSCONS. The theme is intended to gather speakers who question the current modes of production and distribution in society. To offer a critical view on how things are being done today, but also, perhaps as importantly, what should be done instead. Last year, Karin Kosina vka kyrah spoke about Hackerspaces, where consumers are turned into creators. She'll be joining us this year as well. From Denmark, we have the new Creative Commons lead Christian Villum, and from Norway, Gisle Hannemyr will come down to talk about challenges to copyright and the shift towards collaboration. Both Christian and Gisle are very interested in collaborative production and open culture, so it should be some interesting sessions. Smári McCarthy is of course coming this year again, and he promised me by mail to deliver a "deep critique of the current industrial model". I'll hold him to his promise, and make sure he delivers. Another returning guest is Mirko Lindner, who is also known for organising FSCONS two years ago. It's not clear if he will talk in this theme or over in the embedded theme. His work with Qi Hardware is also quite related there, so we might give him up to Henrik who's organising that theme. Original post: