27 Apr 2008

SOTD: KDE Inge Wallin will talk about KDE. Many regard KDE4 as the future of the free desktop. KDE will release KDE 4.2, the third version of KDE4, around newyear. Version 4.0 was targeted at developers, 4.1 at early users, and 4.2 will be the first version to be entirely directed at end users. With 4.2 we will also see the KDE4 release of many of the big user applications like Kontact, Amarok and KOffice. In this speech, Inge Wallin will describe what's new in 4.2 and which of the visions are coming into reality now. He will also present the future visions of the KDE project; what to expect from 4.3 and even further ahead. Original post: