Organizers talk (10/09/2008)

27 Apr 2008

Organizers talk (10/09/2008) This morning began with a shock for us. We read in Computer Sweden that IT Manager Anette Holm wants Stockholm to abandon its Novell's Groupware system and replace it with Microsoft products. There seems to have been no exploration of possible Free Software alternatives, which would mean less cost for the tax-payer and a company independent, sustainable IT infrastructure. After a short period of distress and discomfort we got it back together and realized this was even more reason to increase our efforts for FSCONS. It seems we need to do more to make people in key positions see a true alternative in Free and Open Source Software and start a dialogue about their reservations and resentments. Continuing through the day we went on with our usual work and than came across a post on which talks about the Swedish Standards Institute approving ODF as a national standard. It seems different parts of the government and the state itself have different visions on how IT should be handled. We are happy about the SIS decision and hope that Anette Holm will turn to organizations such as FSFE, Open Source Network Stockholm or Redpill for advise on a free software based implementation. Original post: