Less than 50 days to go

27 Apr 2008

Less than 50 days to go We have less than 50 days before the official start of FSCONS and we have come a long way. Beginning with only a rough vision and last years FSCONS in our bones we set out to broaden FSCONS' scope and include more aspects of the Free Society movement. Creative Commons, Free Software Foundation Europe and Wikimedia built a coalition to create a new kind of Free Society conference. It was a difficult task and it still is, however we can now proudly say that FSCONS' program is made up of many interesting and important topics. We were amazed by the response we got from all sides and how open speakers were to the idea. One of them is John Buckman, who, together with his wife, is advocating against the "evilness" of the music industry and confronting and debating it whenever they can. He will be speaking at FSCONS about exactly this and we are delighted to have his talk on how we should be "Sqeezing the Evil out of the Music industry" on our schedule. In the process we also got in touch with other prominent figures, such as Jon Philips, who is a strong free culture advocate and himself also very much interested in more collaborative conferences. Victor Stone of ccMixter will also be coming and giving a talk on "Attribution across the web" which he lays out in his recent blog post here. And we are still searching the web and reading sides such as FreeCultureNews.com, who among other things recently reported on the NY Times article dealing with Creative Commons, which we might have missed otherwise Of course, it is not all Free Culture. We are not less proud to have, in Inge Walling, a representative of the KDE development team present at FSCONS. PostgreSQL as well as Coreboot are not to be missed either and he who says qt has to say gtk as well :) The amount of different projects and initiatives bridging the various topics is sensational. We are lucky to have OpenStreetMap as well as the tango desktop project at this year's FSCONS. Whenever we felt we might have reached a point where the schedule was nearly finished we discovered something new or someone tipped us about other interesting happenings. For example, initiatives for "Towards 10Gbps open-source routing" and "Collaborative development of free software models" should certainly not be missed. The schedule holds a lot more and certainly promises a very good and information packed conference. As our plan has always been to make FSCONS a place to meet people there are other side events in the making, which we will be announcing here as soon as concrete plans are concluded and contracts signed. Until then we will continue to put all our strength in FSCONS and hope that you will continue to provide us with the amazing input we got so far! the FSCONS Core Team Original post: http://fscons.org/2008/node/50